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Faculty R Us

A Little Piece of LJ Heaven for University Faculty

A Little Piece of LJ Heaven for University Faculty
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A Community for University Faculty to Discuss and Share with Their Fellows
This community is for university and college faculty (including community college). While there are other academic communities out there and other communities for adjuncts and graduate TAs, there isn't a general community where faculty can discuss amongst themselves the issues and concerns that are often unique to us. While we may share many interests and concerns with students (especially graduate), as professionals who make our living, support our families and devote our lives to the academy, our perspectives and needs are often quite different. There are times when we just want to ask questions of other faculty who share these perspectives and needs. There should be a space where we can do that.

Who can join? While the community currently has open membership, we ask that only those people who are full-time or part-time faculty join. This includes lecturers, pedagogy appointments, visiting professors, tenure-track, tenured, emeritus, and other types of permanent faculty (full and part-time). Adjunct faculty are also welcome but grad students who are instructors at their home institution are considered TAs for our purposes. If the community grows beyond easily moderated size and if students begin joining, we may move eventually to moderated membership where you can put in a request to join. We ask that graduate and undergraduate students respect our need for a place of our own.

Community Rules:

We ask that you lock posts since sometimes anonymity is preferred (especially for junior faculty) and people may sometimes reveal personal information in the course of discussion. This is, however, the OP's choice.

As for content, this is not a snark community. This isn't a place where one can just come to complain all the time about what some student in another community said. But, if it brings up a more general concern, then making a thoughtful post to discuss here could be good.

In other words, this is a place to post questions or observations that you would like to share with other faculty but not with a more general "academic" audience.

Some related and alternate communities: academics_anon, academia, gradstudents, adjunctlife.

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